Ningyi Hu 胡宁以


NameNingyi Hu (she/her)
Also known as胡宁以
Country of BirthChina
Place of ResidenceTāmaki Makaurau Auckland
ArtformDesign, Visual arts
Decades Active2020s


Ningyi Hu 胡宁以 is a Shenzhen-born jewellery maker based in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. Through her brand, she adapts traditional silver wax casting methods, combining them with found objects and playful materials. started out as an online archive for the silver rings and precious stone necklaces Hu made for her friends, and she describes going to Auckland Beads on the North Shore to pick out the most ‘vibey’ natural freshwater pearls, garnets, imperial jaspers and jade stones. For The Happy Kids Archive, she created a tutorial on crafting DIY bead earrings.

Hu believes in taking a reckless and spontaneous approach to adornments. She has a jewellery station at home where she does wax moulding and polishing, a process she finds fun and unpredictable. She first cuts the wax into shape with a saw and then melts it with a lighter, stopping when she feels happy. Her favourite show to watch when making jewellery is See You Again, a Chinese reality TV show about couples who are getting a divorce.

In 2023, Hu undertook a residency at The Keep. The end result, a showcase named Collection 5, featured hand-welded chains and free-form silver rings in a large reptile terrarium petting zoo.

Hu graduated with a BFA (Hons) from Elam School of Fine Arts at the University of Auckland. She has also graduated from Dev Academy Aotearoa where she trained as a full-stack web developer.


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A free-form curved silver form with two protruding tines attached to a silver chain

Ningyi Hu 胡宁以, Collection 5 #1, 2023

A safety pin with a free-form silver shape attached, which in turn is attached to a cuff that is wrapped around a piece of driftwood

Ningyi Hu 胡宁以, Collection 5 #2, 2023

people chatting around a large reptile terrarium box which has silver rings lying on a tree branch

Ningyi Hu 胡宁以, jewellery launch at The Keep, 2023

A blueprint with an example piece of jewellery with labels attached

Ningyi Hu's beading tutorial in The Happy Kids Archive, 2023