Susu 蘇子誠


NameSu Su 蘇子誠 (they/them)
Country of BirthTaiwan
Place of ResidenceTāmaki Makaurau Auckland
EthnicitiesTaiwanese (Han, Min-nan)
ArtformVisual arts
Decades Active2020s


Susu is a Taiwanese artist based in Tāmaki Makaurau working in digital sculpture, moving image, drawing and installation.

Susu’s work plays with the “vivid and non-linear associations one forms with things”: not only through digital objects that bridge physical displacement from memory — mandarins, rocks, and the lunar fireworks seen while swimming — but through text-based exploration of what is stored in language. By writing fragments of old streets, beloved cats, and their family's hopes for immigration, they extend an invitation to revisit the past while simultaneously welcoming it into the present.

Susu has two 3D printers at their home studio and they do their own moulding and casting. During a studio visit, Susu explained that because it takes time for resin to cure, they will come to the studio every day at the same time to pour another layer of material on top of yesterday’s until the sculpture is complete.

For their work Remember to Dive 回溯潛水, shown at Artspace Aotearoa in 2023, Susu built a well with handmade plaster blocks inspired by Taiwan Tiles 花磚 featuring monochromatic colours — shades of unsaturated green, white and pink— and rich materials and textures: plaster, soft pastel, fibreglass, water and coins from viewers’ interactions.

Susu graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts and was the recipient of the Kaiwhiwhi o mua Irish Fisher Scholarship in 2022.

Key works / presentations

2023 — and my roarings are poured out like the waters, Robert Heald Gallery, Pōneke

2022 — Between the Gift and its Reprisal, Artspace Aotearoa, Tāmaki Makaurau

2022 — THE MOON AND THE PAVEMENT, A partnership between The Physics Room, Ōtautahi, and Ashburton Art Gallery, Hakatere

2022 — Music Video, Play_station, Pōneke

2021 —, Window gallery, online

Key awards

2022 — Kaiwhiwhi o mua Irish Fisher Scholarship

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a well built from handmade bricks, a circular projection of video work sits inside the well and reflects onto the ceiling

Susu, Remember to Dive 回溯潛水, presented as part of the exhibition Between the Gift and its Reprisal, Artspace Aotearoa, 2022

A projection of a dreamy purple heart surrounded by clouds, bordered in the space by two intricate gates on wheels

Susu, Coco and Aiai 可可愛愛, presented as part of Music Video, play_station, 2022

A plain room with white walls and a grey floor with small objects scattered around spraypainted pastel green, the green spilling onto the floor surrounding.

Susu, Terrestrial Analogue, Elam School of Fine Arts Graduate Show, 2022, polyurethane foam, PLA, metal, epoxy resin, silicone, resin pigment

Close up of a lacquered black surface dotted with small coins

Susu, Remember to Dive 回溯潛水 (detail), presented as part of Between the Gift and its Reprisal, Artspace Aotearoa, 2022, coins from viewer interactions

a small flat tablet of plaster with rough edges with a portrait (and its reflection, as though looking down onto a mirrored table) carved lightly into the surface.

susu, Seeing a reflection, 2023, plaster, diatomaceous earth and fibreglass (edition of 3), 95 x 67.5 x 3cm