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NameAlmusal, Filipino Breakfast Recipes
Writer(s)Blessilda Cabaloza
Type of TextZine


Almusal, Filipino Breakfast Recipes is a recipe zine by Tāmaki Makaurau-based Media Design School graduate, Blessilda Cabaloza. The zine introduces four traditional Filipino breakfast recipes, contextualising them within the history of Chinese trade, Spanish colonisation and American imperialism. The zine uses food as a way to spark conversation around Filipino history, while also displaying the variety of Filipino breakfast options.

Presented in a minimalist design aesthetic, Almusal, Filipino Breakfast Recipes educates the reader about both Filipino food and history. Important historical commentary is woven throughout the recipes, explaining the origin of certain dishes and ingredients: “a hot chocolate made with milk and masa harina, which came to the Philippines in the late 17th century, the same time as chocolate. Filipinos swapped the masa harina for rice as it was more easily accessible”. Accompanying each recipe is a realistic illustration, visually referencing the dish.

Almusal, Filipino Breakfast Recipes won Judge’s Wildcard at the 2023 Auckland Zinefest with judge Grace Sinclair commenting that “reading this made me incredibly hungry and I found the historical context at the start an important framing for the recipes that followed”.


Key awards

2023 — Auckland Zinefest Best of the Fest: Judge’s Wildcard

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An illustration of hands holding cutlery over a bowl of food set on a yellow background.

Blessilda, Almusal, Filipino Breakfast Recipes PDF, 2023

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