Asian in Aotearoa Podcast


NameAsian in Aotearoa
Start Date11 March 2020
PresenterJenna Wee
Jenna Wee
Jenna Wee
Alyssa Medel (Season 2 Assoc. Producer)
Marc Conaco (Year of the Dragon Panel & Podcast Recording Producer)


Launched in November 2020, Asian in Aotearoa is a longform interview podcast created by host Jenna Wee. Each “uncensored” hour-ish long episode explores “the lived experiences, thoughts and hot takes of young(ish) Asian creatives” covering everything from “our concept of home and transnational ties, identity, parents, relationships, sex, racism, body/beauty, healing - and how this all shapes the way we move through the world and influences our creative work.

The podcast has been praised for Wee’s interviewing style, where she is “able to extract beautiful observations from her guests through her attentive listening and intelligent questions” and has “a remarkable ability to dexterously straddle a multitude of tones within single episodes, allowing space for humour and pathos to exist side-by-side.”

Guests have included Poet Laureate Chris Tse, chef Sam Low, DJ Jess Fu, director Jane Yonge and designer Steven Junil Park.

The podcast is supported by Foundation North, Creative New Zealand and Big Fan.


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Conversation where Elina shares that someone has loved the episode they did together

Asian in Aotearoa, Instagram DM exchange between host Jenna & guest Elina Ashimbayava, 2022

A large group of people posing for the camera

Asian in Aotearoa, potluck party with podcast guests in Tāmaki Makaurau, March 25, 2023

A man and a woman sitting on a mustard couch with headphones on, laughing

Asian in Aotearoa, Jenna and guest Jack Woon recording at Big Fan, August 2023

Email screenshot

Asian in Aotearoa, Email exchange between Jenna and the podcast's first guest Amanda Grace Leo, 2020

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Email screenshot

Asian in Aotearoa, Email exchange between Jenna and Jimirah Baliza, the podcast's graphic Designer, 2020

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Screenshot of a report

Asian in Aotearoa, Pre-season 2 overview with listener comments, 2023

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